Innovation Is at the heart of Kalbe Consumer Health.

Innovation is at the heart of Kalbe Consumer Health’s ambition to provide innovative and trustworthy products and services as a solution for daily health management. Science, technology, and product development are our plans to keep providing consumers with brands that improve their well-being while positively impacting the environment.

Innovation is the Key to our Success - Kalbe Panca Shrada

Innovation di Kalbe Consumer Health adalah menciptakan product yang dibutuhkan oleh masyarakat. Our Reasearch and Development team bekerja untuk membuat sebuah terobosan for a meaningful life. All our innovations are based on key insights into consumers’ needs, and we are committed to developing products that have a purpose that consumers choose again and again.
Saka Innovation

Cari tahu bagaimana kami menggabungkan kekuatan R&D dan global knowledge to create unique products with proven benefits.

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Saka Star Brand Awards

Cari tahu bagaimana inovasi brand kami untuk dapat memberikan solusi kesehatan bagi konsumen

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Developing Products with Purpose

Digestive & Skin

Look for options that could help you with digestion and skin

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Empowering everyday life with daily vitamin take to boost stamina

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Respiratory Care

Improving better life with optimum breathing capacity

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