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From prevention to treatment, we transform innovation into healthcare solutions. The strength supports our diversity and global reach.


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We want to work with partners with the same purpose and values, namely to present innovative and trustworthy products as a solution for daily health management. Kalbe Consumer Health is committed to collaborating to build mutual growth and competitiveness cooperation.
Brands with purpose grow
Kalbe Consumer Health is committed to innovating, creating, and delivering health solutions.
Best Health Brand
Over 24 years, Kalbe Consumer Health has jointly nourished the nation and has top of mind brands.
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From Indonesia, Kalbe Consumer Health has impacted eight countries with innovative brands.
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We have many types and varieties of products, and we are committed to innovating continuously. For that, please discuss with us the innovative products you have.

Research & Development
Research & Development

At Kalbe, we also uphold research on a product and public acceptance of the product. For that, we are delighted to discuss with partners who can help us win the brand in the hearts of consumers.


If you have ideas and ideas on new goal-oriented innovations, we are happy to discuss further how we can make it happen together. Thrive through innovation.


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For 24 years, we have worked and become the largest pharmaceutical company and have expanded to several countries in Asia and Africa. With Top of Mind brands, we are committed "Bersama Sehatkan Bangsa"
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The Largest Pharmaceutical Company in Southeast Asia

With over 17,000 employees, Kalbe Farma Group is the largest healthcare provider in Indonesia, with unrivaled marketing, branding, distribution, financial strength, and research and development expertise.

Research & Development
Top of Mind Brands

With more than a dozen brands in 9 countries, Kalbe Consumer Health will continue to innovate to create best-in-class products according to the community's needs and is always committed to making the nation healthy.

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